At Chinook Winds, we specialize in providing top notch, personalized boarding services for all the dogs in our care. All of our boarding packages include play time with other appropriate dogs, or alone for dogs who are not suited to play time with other dogs.

Standard Boarding is $30.00 plus tax per 24-hours.

Additional dogs (same days, same owner, sharing one kennel) are $25.00 plus tax per 24-hours.

Half-day boarding (for dogs picked up after their last 24-hour period) is $20.00 plus tax per dog.

All dogs are required to have up-to-date Parvo and Distemper vaccines, and be protected on a flea and worm preventative.

Drop-Off Hours

Weekdays - 8AM-9AM, 1PM-2PM

Weekends - 9AM-10AM

Pick-Up Hours

Weekdays - 8AM-9AM, 1PM-2PM, 5PM-6PM

Weekends - 9AM-10AM, 5PM-6PM

Drop-offs and pick-ups are scheduled in 15-minute increments during these times.

(Please note that unless specifically requested, dogs picked up in the morning will not be given breakfast, and dogs picked up in the evening will not be given supper, to prevent any potential car-sickness on the drive home.)

Each of our boarding dogs are provided with their own 4'x4' kennel with controlled access to their own 4'x10' outdoor run which backs onto our spacious play yard. Our standard runs offer plenty of room for a single dog, or for two dogs up to 40lbs each.

We also have an extended 4'x8' kennel where we can provide shared accommodations for two dogs of any size, as well as two sets of 4'x4' kennels with a door in the adjoining wall to allow two dogs to freely move between two kennels. These kennels are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis by deposit and we cannot guarantee that two dogs will be able to share kennels until a deposit is

Please note that we require a 25% deposit at the time of booking. The remaining 75% (and any additional fees) are to be paid upon pick-up after your dog's boarding stay. Dogs cannot be booked into our schedule until the deposit has been paid. All deposits are non-refundable.

Because the safety and well-being of your dog is our utmost concern, we require that all dogs visit us for a Trial Daycare Day prior to their first boarding visit.

Please note that for safety reasons, we do not accept any intact females (females who have not been spayed) after 6-months-old, and we do not accept any puppies less than 16 weeks (4 months) old (when they've completed their puppy shots.